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Event venues in the newest business destination Istanbul


Istanbul is now a major destination for the organization of conferences, seminars and meetings. Thanks to its historic heritage, its unique location, its cultural diversity, its renowned gastronomy and nightlife,[…]


Venues for corporate event in Manchester


The dynamic cultural city of Manchester is nowadays a popular destination for business travelers. The city is considered the capital of north England after London and has all the assets to invade its visitors![…]


Hotels for seminar in Casablanca


To organize a conference or a business seminar, Casablanca has the main asset to be the neuralgic hub of the Moroccan economy advantage. All infrastructures can effectively meet your expectations. The White City[…]


Multifaceted Malaysia


Malaysia is a vastly diverse country, in more ways than one. Take, for example, the fact that Malaysia is home to one of the most developed infrastructures in Asia. Yet you can find towering city skyscrapers that[…]

Hotel Altis Hotel Altis

10 of the finest in Lisboa


Lisbon, the city of the seven hills and the Tagus river, capital of Portugal, is a city with much to offer. With its gentle climate, abundant attractions and rich cultural diversity, this Atlantic city has become a[…]


Stylish Business event venues in Paris


If you are looking for elegance and sophistication, Paris is your destination. The city of light offers an elegant setting for your exceptional conferences, seminars, meetings, receptions.... Responsiveness,[…]


Event corporate venues in Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt am Main is an ideal destination for professionals who are planning to organize a corporate event. Business, architecture and third busiest airport in Europe are the main features of the city; the all at the[…]


Exceptional venues for meetings, seminar and team building in Rome


Innovation, originality and authenticity are key success factors. To success a corporate event, it is recommended to check up the presence of these elements. However, to organize an original, authentic and innovative[…]


Team building and meeting in BIRMINGHAM


It is not worthless that the city of Birmingham is seen as a gateway to the heart of England. History, culture, environment, lifestyle... The richness and uniqueness of England is felt once your foot crosses the[…]

The Address Downtown Dubai The Address Downtown Dubai

Great hotels for seminar in the new business destination: Dubai


Are you planning a corporate event or a business trip? Are you looking for an original destination? Are you attracted by the charm of traditional and the comfort of contemporary? Dubai, the cosmopolitan city marked by[…]

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