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Italy is a country soaked in history and culture, from the relics of the Roman Empire to the beauty of the Renaissance. Italy has plenty of variety from its modern, high-tech cities in the north, to its more agricultural, sun-kissed metropolises in the south; from its alpine mountains and lake resorts to its beautiful beaches. The appeal of Italy’s physical and cultural assets is perfectly complimented by its exquisite wine and foods, and together are the reasons why Italy embodies “La Dolce Vita”. Having won the bids for prestigious events such as the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy has invested heavily in upgrading business tourism infrastructure to rank amongst the best in the world. The accommodation and facilities boast a very high standard and are often associated with traditional Italian hospitality, which is as warm and traditional as a glass of Chianti. The spectacular scenery, glorious weather and a plethora of timeless art make Italy an incomparable destination for business or pleasure.

Some useful information

Airport number : 5

Number of railway stations : 5

Timezone : GMT +1

Telephone prefix : + 39

Weight & measures : Metric system

Electricity : 230 volts, European 2 round pins plug.

Identity card

Capital : Rome

Main cities : Venise, Florence, Milan, Bologna

Official language : Italian


Public Holidays:

•   New Year`s Day: 1 January 2011 / 2012
•   Epiphany: 6 January 2011 / 2012
•   Liberation Day: 25 April 2011 / 2012
•   Labour Day: 1 May 2011 / 2012
•   Anniversary of the Republic: 2 June 2011 / 2012
•   Assumption: 15 August 2011 / 2012
•   All Saints Day: 1 November 2011 / 2012
•   Immaculate Conception: 8 December 2011 / 2012  
•   Christmas Day: 25 December 2011 / 2012

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