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Geneva International Airport

Some useful information

Address : PO Box 100, CH-1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland

Phone number : +41 (0)22 717 71 11

Fax number : +41 (0)22 798 43 77

Website :

Number of air terminals : 1

Geneva International Airport, located nearly 4km (5min) from Geneva city centre and 61km from Lausanne, was established in 1920. It boasts annual traffic of almost ten million people, along with over 150,000 flights. Almost 50 airlines use Geneva Cointrin Airport. The facility features a single terminal with 110 check-in desks and 17 air bridges, and receives many domestic and international flights from around 100 locations all over the world.


Available services

Information and help Desks
Information desks are located on the Arrivals level and in the transit area : tel +41 022 717 71 05.

The French sector has independent services. There are various tourist information offices for both Swiss and French regions, located in the Arrivals areas of each sector.

Airport facilities


Bureaux de change.

ATMsPost office.

Mobile telephone hire.

Wireless Internet access is available in all public areas.

Business Facilities

The airport has extensive possibilities for conferences, assemblies, and press conferences. Skycom Business Center possesses 11 rooms with a capacity for 4 -120 people. There are also eight private offices with telephone, fax, and computer.

Disabled Facilities

The public areas and car park are fully accessible for wheelchairs.

Assistance is available for passengers with disabilities.

A reception area is located near desk 45 (Departure level).

Lift request terminals reserved for PRM allow the mobility-impaired to be assisted from outside the terminal right to the plane, or the other way round /They are located in parking lots P1 and P20.

Passengers in need of special assistance at the Swiss Railways Airport station are requested to contact the CFF Mobility Assistance Service : tel from Switzerland = 0800 007 102 / from abroad : +41 51 225 71 50.


►  NH Geneva Airport Hotel.

►  Mövenpick Hotel and Casino etc.

They are at a short walk from the airport; alternatively, a shuttle bus departs for the hotel from outside Arrivals.

Shops and Restaurants

There is a range of bars, cafés and restaurants.

Shopping includes duty-free, and goods available include watches, fashion, food and luxury items.

Other services

A porter service is available (tel : +41 079 290 2023).

There is a lost property office on the public concourse (tel : +33 450 406 905) french sector or (+41 (022) 427 9222) in the swiss sector.

There are pharmacies.


A medical centre.

A nursery.


Parking at the airport

There are 265 short-term and around 4,700 long-term parking spaces, plus an additional 220 parking spaces in a dedicated French-sector car park, all with direct access to the airport.

P1 long term : Covered long term parking with direct access to the main terminal (T1), the most practical / Total spaces: 2400 / Tariffs : 1 hour = 2 CHF / 4 hours = 15 CHF / 1 day = 32 CHF / 1 week = 170 CHF.

P31-32-33 : Partially covered long term parking, next to the CFF station and shopping area (follow "Arena") / Total spaces: 350  / Tariffs : 1 hour = free / 4 hours = 8 CHF / 1 day = 32 CHF /1 week = 170 CHF.

P2 arrival : Open air parking short duration (max 1 hour) with direct access to the Arrival level / Total spaces: 175 / Tariffs : 20 minutes = 2 CHF / 30 minutes = 2 CHF / 60 minutes = 3 CHF.

P20 French Sector : Covered long term parking situated in the French Sector / Total spaces: 230 / Tariffs : 1 hour = 2 CHF / 4 hours = 13 CHF / 1 day = 32 CHF / 1 week = 170 CHF.

P51 long term : Mostly covered long term parking within 500m of the main terminal (T1), the cheaper / Total spaces: 1300 / Tariffs: 1 hour = 2 CHF / 4 hours = 13 CHF / 1 day = 27 CHF / 1 week = 93 CH.

P3 departure : Open air parking short duration (max 30 minutes) with direct access to the Departure level / Total spaces: 90 / Tariffs : 10 minutes = free / 20 minutes = 1 CHF /30 minutes = 2 CHF.

An economy car park is also available for long-term parking. For further information, call the Centre de Contrôle des Parkings (tel: +41 (022) 717 7099.

Parking spaces for the disabled : The various car parks at the Airport have spaces reserved for the disabled:

►  P1 unlimited: 30 spaces on level -1, next to the lifts (about 50 m from the terminal T1). Lift request terminal.
►  P2 arrivals: 2 spaces in the middle of the car park, next to the pedestrian crossing.
►  P3 departures: 2 spaces in the middle of the car park, next to the pedestrian crossing.
►  P20 French sector: 6 spaces on the lower level, near the sliding doors leading to the main terminal. Lift request terminal.
►  P31 CFF railway station: 1 space.
►  P51 unlimited: 2 spaces on each floor, next to the lifts (about 500 m from the terminal T1).


Available transportation at the airport

Taxis are available at the airport, departing from outside Arrivals and cost about Sfr35 to the city centre (a bit extra for luggage) / Taxis are metered and there are around 60 registered taxi ranks in Geneva
*There are separate French and Swiss taxi services.

Car rental
All important car rental companies have offices at the airport. (Travellers should ensure they hire their car on the French side of the border if they are going to France, and vice-versa)

Geneva railway station is 300m from the Departures and Arrivals floors; all trains stop at central Geneva-Cornavin, in the city centre (tel: +41 0900 022 021) and there are also direct trains to destinations throughout Switzerland and Europe (tel: +41 0900 300 300).

The following urban buses stop every 8-15 minutes at rush hours at the airport (bus stops at the Check-in level, in front of or beside the train station) from/to:

Geneva city centre - Onex: bus 10

International organisations - Geneva city centre: bus 5

International organisations - lake: bus 28

Vernier: bus 28

Zimeysa - Meyrin: bus 57

Le Lignon - Lancy - Plan-les-Ouates: bus 23

Val Thoiry - CERN - Zimeysa: bus Y

Ferney-Voltaire: bus Y

Zurich International Airport

Railway stations

Cornavin Train Station

Some useful information

Address : Place de Cornavin 1201 Genève

Phone number : +41 900 300 300

Hours : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Gare de Cornavin (also known as Genève-Cornavin ), opened in 1858, is Geneva’s main railway station. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city. It has over 230 train arrivals and departures every day.


Available services

Railway facilities

Police station.

Cash machines.

A cybercafe.

Banks and currency exchange / 07:00 - 20:00 Monday - Friday /07:00 - 20:00 Saturday / 08:00 - 17:50 Sunday.

Public telephones : Main concourse.

Wifi access : A hotspot in the station.

Disabled Facilities

There are excellent facilities for disabled travellers at Geneva Cornavin Train Station.

Wheelchair access to the ticket office, platforms, waiting room and toilets.

Ticket windows with loudspeaker facilities and open ticket windows for people using a hearing device.

Wheelchairs for use in the station available at the station helpdesk.

Assistance boarding and alighting trains.

Shops and Restaurants



Food stands.

A bakery.

A supermarket.


A media shop.

An underground shopping arcade.

Other services


Toilets and showers.

Luggage lockers.

Baggage and lost property : 08:00 - 19:00 Monday - Friday / 08:00 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 19:00 Saturday & Sunday.

Baggage Consignment : 08:00 - 19:00 Monday - Friday / 08:00 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 19:00 Saturday & Sunday.


Parking at the station

There is an underground parking car directly beneath the station.

Possibility of parking at the airport : There are 4-5 trains per hour, which take about 6-7 min   


Available transportation  at the station


There is a taxi rank outside the train station.


Buses and trams run across the city from right outside the main station exit.    

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Montreux Train Station

Berne Train Station