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Best practices to promote your event

What could be the best way to market an event to your target group? How should members’ list receive an invitation? Planners often face these challenges in their daily work routine. This time we have collected a few tips which will help an event planner to market future events.

After the event planning, the most essential task for any planner is to have a sound marketing plan to promote that event. Using today’s technology and social media tools, promoting your event may seem like a cinch; however social media channels are not the only answer. Social media is most effective when used with other marketing communication techniques.

Define your market: First step of the promotion planning is to identify your market share. The demographic data ( age, sex, occupation, designation, etc.) can be very helpful to identify the target list of audience. Defining your audience also involves specifying the geographic part you want to target. You can also combine demographic data with location and obtain a definite pinpoint geo-localization. For example: for an educational event, a criterion could be - professors and above rank from education industry in Île-de-France region.

Create an event website: Online presence is essential. If it’s a big event then a separate website can be designed. In its barest form, it should contain all the information about a particular event such as: location, timing, relevance, industry segment, complete schedule and contact information. For example: ITB-The Trade Show for the Asian Travel Market which has been scheduled for Oct’2013, has already uploaded in its website with all details.

Blog It: Blogs helps to interact with targeted audience in the web platform. You can write a few blog posts about pre- and post-event activities and of course industry related topics. It also helps in creating awareness about a particular event and increases the attendee registrations.  

E-mail marketing: Customized and direct mails are a very useful tool for such a purpose. Prepare an invitation message and select the emails from your marketing database to shoot that invitation. Normally, the opening rate stabilizes around 2% for email marketing, however you can improve it by adding excellent graphics and content. 

Print media: at least one print advertisement should be published in a leading publication targeting event location.  At times a pitch for publications sponsorship opportunities in exchange for ad space can yield great promotional opportunities.

Livestream the event: That’s an excellent option available in internet to increase the reach of the event. You can put your event live on web by the help of online tools like: Ustream or JustinTV. This is the most cost effective way to reach maximum audience for any particular event.