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Changing trends in event planning

This new year promises plenty of exciting trends for the event industry. A US-based management company, Destination Hotels & Resorts, has recently conducted a planner’s survey that projects changes in trends this year.

Eco-friendly: sustainability measures are not a new concept to the MICE industry but the demand is increasing. In this planner’s survey, 45% voted eco-friendly practices as “somewhat important” while selecting the venue whereas 18% said it is “extremely important”.

Site and Location: mostly it is believed that for planners, budget should be the first parameter while selecting the venues but, surprisingly, planners showed confidence on “location” as the prime factor. Also, almost 34% of the planners were convinced that more than half their meetings would be national gatherings and 30% responded that they are expecting their meetings to take place in local markets.

Culinary offerings: results of the survey shows cooking itineraries and its quality matters a lot while selecting the event spot. 30% of the planners in the survey said it is an ‘extremely important’ parameter while more than 78% voted as an ‘important part’ of their selection process. Furthermore, restaurants and hotels generally mention executive chef’s name with restaurants to attract more business but this survey revealed that 90% planners actually they don’t give much importance to those signboards.

Team building activity option: it has been reported that planners often conduct team building projects and therefore more than 55% of the responders answered as adventure/active options were the greatest interest.

Social Networking: Nearly 50% of the planners responded that social media as an integral part of their event planning. Most of them also go through reviews available in the internet before deciding on a hotel or resort for their events.

Innovation and Technology: increasing demand of automation pushing this trend upward as many meeting planners (more than 36%) realizing that technology such as streaming media, web conferencing , A/V equipments, could computing etc. became an integral part of their daily business.


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