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Entertainment and Creativity mean more success and effectiveness for business functions

Did you ever attend a business function where you were struggling to stay focused, motivated and inspired? The following two new innovations aim to make every event more successful by improving the delegates' performance through entertainment and stimulating creativity.

Meetings Mindset, founded and managed by the Meetings Performance Consultant Jonathan Bradshaw, focuses on boosting and enhancing participant performance on multiple levels: practically, physically and mentally. All this in a fresh, relaxed and funny setting. Meetings Mindset believes that the performance of the participants makes or breaks the outcome of the function. Therefore they start making sure delegates are accordingly prepared, set realistic, clear and measurable objectives, before they support participates performance. Meeting Planner can book interactive and entertaining Keynote or Breakout Sessions with experts in practical meeting skills, who deliver content about memory improvement, cross cultural communication, negotiation or influence and persuasion. Meetings Mindset PIT STOPS assure the physical well-being of the attendees during the meeting with its pillars Relax (e.g. a  massage), Refuel (meetings nutrition), Play (brain training) and Meet (networking area). By reviewing and analyzing the delegate's meeting performance in hindsight, companies get measurable results and therefore can easily calculate their ROI.
Song Division delivers the "wow " factor to a conference audience with Music. This might sound quite simple at first, but it is not an ordinary music performance that upgrades the event. Meeting participants create a song themselve  together with colleagues or fellow attendees. According to Song Division, "Music is a powerful device that creates emotional connections between people and moments in our life." The purposes can be as open and creative as the song writing process itself: convey company strategies, new product information, marketing messages and many more. Marketing professionals mostly direct all their efforts to reach their clients or partners on an emotional level and make them this way loyal to their product or service. Here, Music is the key to create a closer emotional connection between participants and their own company, an association, a brand etc. Song Division not only calls this a motivator or a simple bond: they go beyond that and even state this action is an Icebreaker and Energizer for every event!

Both companies will be presented at the upcoming IMEX Frankfurt show in May and will hold Seminars.
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