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Light and Sound tips for planners

Different lighting designs and audio systems play a vital role in an event since they provide special attention. On the other hand they can steal the soul from any event and shift the focus of the audience if they're not managed properly.

Lights play a key role to create a desired atmosphere and to highlight different event spots whereas sound and voice amplification build the character of an event. Technology dynamism has pushed the event industry to opt for new and advanced options available for lights & sounds to conduct big meetings and conferences. Corporate offices nowadays hesitate to offer event management contracts to any event company if they don’t provide the latest audio/visual and lighting arrangements.

Event assessment: The planner should be very clear on the needs for lights and sounds based on the event type i.e. general session, gala, awards dinner? Each of those events bear different light and sound arrangements and requirements.

Venue type: The next step is to identify the venue type. If it’s a close room event the requirements would be different in contrast with an open door event. A big conference room may need powerful amplifiers and sound systems whereas a small auditorium may go with basic arrangements. An event planner should ask questions on venue types and visit the place in order to create a layout of lights and audio system.   

Layout Design: Now that you have gathered all basic facts about the event, start designing the room layout with CAD (or any other software). While designing the layout of the room, make sure you have included all parts such as tables, stage, dance floor, video projection area, bars and buffet tables etc.

Release your imagination: Take each part of the room and plan for audio/light preparation. You can go for different lighting styles like – uplighting, color wash, pin spot, Fabric Backdrops, Laser Starfield projectors, lanterns and Italian lights. See more

Study and add new concepts: Always remember this is an art and you need to differentiate your work from other planners. Shadow effects, lesser light fountains, LED bulbs are very much in fashion. You should keep updating your knowledge on this area to provide a niche and quality services. Associations like - The Light Association , American light association , Audio Engineering Society may help planners as they are always coming up with new concepts, events and articles related to sound and light technologies.