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Mediasite Events Webcasting: a new service by Active Network

Event Webcasting 4
Event Webcasting 4
Active Network recently announced their partnership with Sonic Foundry to launch a new webcasting services for meeting planners. It offers high-quality recoding technology with high-touch webcasting services to ensure successful events.

Active Network, a technology and media company that helps event planners to increase participation in their events, has recently tied up with Sonic Foundry to add a webcasting tool in their product line. This company already has a great range of products which include: online event registration tool, reservation, point of sale and ticketing tool, financial tool, events and activity management tool, fundraising tool, membership tool and many other web based tools.

The new webcasting tool will help the event planners to organize hybrid events in which the planners sync virtual and direct interaction in a common platform. One can see and interact in the event on live webcast and also can view it on an on-demand basis. This webcasting technology find its uses for those who are not able to attend the conference, or are not able to travel due to time or budget constraints or need to review the conference recording.

This technology is also cost effective as it allows hundreds to thousands people to view the webcast on internet. Different regions and time zones can have separate event webcast according to their availabilities. Business events like training and tradeshows, which generally will last for longer periods of time with the help of the Mediasite webcasting tool can be easily recorded and distributed among large audiences.

Active Network’s new event webcasting tool requires no software downloads, no slide uploads, no need for presenters to do anything but focus on making the event a success. This service is a cost effective solution to reach the largest audience on web based platforms.