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Montreux Music & Convention Centre, from 1 to 7’000’000

Montreux Music & Convention Centre
Montreux Music & Convention Centre
Henry James and, a century later, Deep Purple found inspiration in Montreux, they were the first clues to the outstanding destiny of a peaceful resort becoming an international cultural place to be. The 2m2c is proud to be its beating heart! But let the numbers talk…




Is the sum of all hotel rooms within walking distance of the 2m2c. Nested in the heart of Montreux, by the Lake Geneva, the 2m2c location is idyllic. You are within 5 minutes’ walk of everything: hotels (from 1 to 5 stars), train station, restaurants, shops and casino.
Imagine meeting your colleagues by the Lake and walking from your hotel to the Congress Centre as Nicolas Sarkozy, John Kerry or Nelson Mandela did during their stay in Montreux.



is the number of square meters at your disposal within the 2m2c building. Perfectly sized to welcome from 50 to 2’000 people, the 2m2c is offering adjustable spaces like nowhere else. This human-size building is easily separable upon your needs and requests (conferences, workshops, concerts, sport exhibitions etc.) to offer tailor-made events, set-ups and a personalized atmosphere under one roof. Because flexibility is not only a quality; it is part of our deep nature…



The width of our building, in meters, that borders the very shores of Lake Geneva. The benefits of such a perfect location are numerous: beautiful landscapes, natural green environment; a high quality work atmosphere in a peaceful area. You own the city during your stay, meeting the inhabitants of Montreux when you chill by the lake or walk in the streets and feel this "je ne sais quoi" impression in the air that makes you feel at home.



Is the investment in Swiss Francs for the acoustics of the Stravinsky Auditorium alone, during the last renovation in 2011. Designed twenty years ago for classical music, the venue has been renovated, from good to best, in order to offer the most versatile hall in terms of functionality and (acoustic) performance to a multiplicity of events. Be sure that your guests will hear what you have to say in any circumstances.



The percentage of the entire Swiss web broadband used by 2m2c during the Syrian Peace Conference in January 2014. Big events involve big data. The 2m2c is at the cutting edge of technology in order for you to stay tuned with your world. Our data center is connected to high output optical fiber and Internet is linked 100 GB to 500 access points. It proved to be a useful tool when the 2m2c hosted 250 journalists from all around the world during that conference



The anniversary that the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival will celebrate in 2016. Despite the outstanding character of this anniversary, it is part of a wide range of international events, such as the Montreux Comedy Festival, the Sundance Electronic Music Festival, the “XIIIe Sommet de la Francophonie” or the European Fencing Championships just to name a few…

And obviously, the WOW effect is always included!
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