Possible actions from the partners’ detailed presentation

You are convinced by the detailed presentation you read would like to contact the partner or share his information on the social networks? Here is a list of applications to the partner you can manage in just a few clicks. Go!

Would you like to contact a featured partner or share a presentation page with others via social networks? It just takes a few clicks!

After you create your Bedouk.com user account in 2 minutes flat, you will be able to:

Request offers

View contact details and write to partners

Request brochures

Share the presentation page: Would you like to share the information about the partners you selected on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? It couldn’t be any easier; just select the “Share” button and click on the icon of the network you are interested in.

Download PDFs: You can download the PDF versions of the partner presentation pages in which you are interested and archive them on your computer.

Add to selection: When you find a partner that meets your event needs, click on “Add to selection”. The presentation will be archived in your personal “my account” section.

Add review: Echoing famous consumer travel websites, you can add reviews regarding our featured partners. Click on “Add review”, type in your message and send! After being moderated, the comment will appear on the partner’s detailed presentation page.

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