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What is SPIN?

What do you need to move your career forward?  To be happy in your job?  To feel inspired?  To re-engage with your industry? 


As senior-level planners, we tend to put our own networking and professional development last sometimes.  There is also not a lot of education out there geared just for us.  We need our own private forum to connect, learn, vent (sometimes), ask questions, and share ideas amongst ourselves.  That is why we founded SPIN.

The Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN) is an independent network not affiliated with any other industry associations. In fact, we are turning the typical association model on its head.   SPIN is different: we like to think of ourselves as an un-association because we don't do things the way you might expect.  Everything we do is BY senior-level planners, FOR senior-level planners.  We are not all things to all people; we are strictly for senior-level planners.

What started in a small town in the United States is now expanding worldwide.  All members are pre-screened, qualified senior-level planners with at least 10 years of full-time planning experience (the average is closer to 20 years).   Did we mention basic membership is free? Elite membership is optional and only for members who see the value in what we are offering. How's that for different?   We value your membership, and your membership has value.   Remember, we are only for planners, and full of resources built by and for our members.  To join SPIN or learn more visit

As a member of SPIN, you have a voice in every major decision.  Our "Board" is our entire worldwide membership, not a dozen or so trying to guess what you want and need.  We have no 100-year-old mission statement that we dust off every now and then.  We are constantly evolving and modifying based on YOUR needs, because we are senior-level planners, too.  

Membership is strictly for planners and you must have 10+ years' experience to join.


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