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The Québec City Convention Centre, your international meeting destination

Combining comfort and modernity, the Québec City Convention Centre is an international caliber meeting facility recognized for the quality of its installations, state-of-the art technology, environmental expertise, excellent customer service and a team that is anything but conventional.

Located in the heart of Québec City, the Convention Centre is surrounded by a remarkable hotel and tourism environment. It is connected by underground passageways to two four-star hotels, 4,000 parking spaces and a shopping mall. It is steps away from the Parliament buildings, museums, nightclubs, and tourist attractions such as Old Québec and historic Battlefields Park. Delegates have easy access to hundreds of shops, boutiques and a variety of restaurants.

Economic and scientific crossroad

With its booming economy, specialized, innovative and highly trained workforce and creative environment, Québec City is a true technological hub. The City combines science, know-how, and a deeply innovative ability to succeed in key booming markets such as life, health, nutrition sciences as well as applied technologies and processed materials.

With ten insurance company headquarters and a technological park that houses more than 90 businesses and research centres, Québec City has become a pivotal city in which to conduct business.

The Québec Metro High Tech Park holds the largest concentration of private businesses and jobs related to life sciences in the Greater Québec City area. It is home to 94 businesses and research centres as well as 4,000 workers.

Québec City received the following honours and mentions:
• Best place to do business in Canada and the US among cities of 500 000 to 1.5 million inhabitants, KPMG’s 2010 Competitive Alternatives study.
• 1st among 11 North American cities for economic development which includes talent, tolerance, technology and creativity, Martin Prosperity Institute study 2009.
• In the top Smart 21 Communities of the Year, Intelligent Community Forum 2010.
• 4th for its economic vitality among 20 metropolitan areas of similar size in Canada and North-Eastern United States, Conference Board of Canada.
• Best city for business in Canada among 50 Best Cities in Canada, Canadian Business Magazine 2006.

Modern spaces

The Québec City Convention Centre is as much noted for its configuration, human scale, interior design, and distinctive use of materials as for its safe and comfortable environment.  The Centre can handle events of up to 7,500 delegates without trade show and 3,500 delegates with trade show (up to 410 booths). It features 21,530 m² of usable space divided between 30 meeting rooms, a 6,950 m² exhibition hall, a 3,210 m² convention hall, and a 2,320 m² reconfigurable multipurpose room.

A spectacular main hall and a more intimate foyer area offer a panoramic view of the Laurentian Mountains. The VIP room, boardroom, and multimedia room with permanent rear projection screen are all popular with visiting groups. The facilities also include an unloading area with seven indoor docks, fully equipped dressing rooms for performers, six simultaneous interpretation cabins, a ticket office, and an automated cloakroom.

State-of-the-art facility

Designed and built in 1996, the Québec City Convention Centre is a thoroughly modern facility with the very latest in technology-telecommunications, telephony, computers, audiovisual equipment, public address equipment and lighting.

From small, private get-togethers to full-scale extravaganzas, from gala awards to videoconferences, the Centre's team of specialists offers customized support and solutions for every need. Whatever the requirement - high speed Internet connections, dynamic billboarding/messaging systems, inroom fiber optics, full cell phone coverage - the Québec City Convention Centre is on the leading edge of performance.

Safety first

Visitors' safety and security are in good hands with the Centre's videosurveillance and electromagnetic card system to guarantee peace of mind. Further enhancing the sense of security are the Centre's central command station, onsite infirmary and dedicated agents trained as first responders, direct connections with the hospital network, and noted expertise in the protection of public personalities.

The Convention Centre’s approach to safety is a reflection of the City itself. In fact, Québec City was named Best Quality of Life for large cities in North America by FDI Magazine in 2007 (publication of Financial Times).

Inspired cuisine

The Québec City Convention Centre and its exclusive caterer, Capital HRS, offer clientele a culinary experience worthy of Québec's finest restaurants and the city's reputation as a North American gourmet capital. Designed to serve groups of up to 6,000 guests, quality and attentive service are always on the menu, despite all the imponderables event organization can entail.

In partnership with Capital HRS, exclusive caterer, the Québec City Convention Centre is proud to offer an eco-friendly kitchen, extending existing eco-friendly services to all food functions.

Food services not only feature menu choices featuring regional and organic products, they also include tangible eco-friendly measures such as:

• For all food functions as well as for speakers, water will be served in pitchers instead of individual bottles.
• Bulk dispensers for butter, cream and sugar.
• Porcelain dishware.
• Jellies and jam served in glass containers, which are less damageable for the environment than plastic.
• Wooden stir sticks for coffee instead of plastic.
• Compostable paper napkins for cocktails.
• Biodegradable or recyclable dishware and flatware for snacks or lunches.
• Biodegradable matter collection system in our production kitchens.
• Excess meals or food surpluses are donated to a local shelter and rehabilitation centre.

Eco-friendly Centre

Ever conscious of its activities’ impact on the environment, the Québec City Convention Centre has committed itself to sustainable development and adopted a policy of responsible environmental conduct since its opening in 1996. With renowned partners such as Takt-etik, la Fondation de la faune du Québec, Carbone boréal and Planetair, the Centre offers an eco-friendly event program which includes offset actions to reduce the environmental footprint.

Takt-etik—a leading sustainable development consulting firm in Québec City—has received accreditation from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec making it one of the first companies able to certify events under the new BNQ 9700-253 Sustainable Development – Responsible Event Management standard adopted in June 2010.

“Our clients have held over 70 eco-responsible events since we launched our support program in 2007. Implementation of the standard has created recognized benchmarks and a reference framework for the field of event planning. Since the beginning of the year, clients who register for the Centre’s Eco-Friendly Event program are guaranteed to attain the standard’s highest ranking thanks to Takt-etik’s expertise and support, regardless of the level of classification sought,” explains Québec City Convention Centre CEO P.-Michel Bouchard.

Based on the standard 9700-253, responsible events are evaluated based on five sets of criteria: suppliers; materials, energy, and water management; waste management; food services, and transportation management. Events are assigned points for their performance in each category, making it possible to determine if the standard has been met and which level has been attained (1 to 5).

The Québec City Convention Centre sets itself apart with high environmental management standards and eco-friendly expertise. The Centre received the BOMA BESt Level 3 certification. Buildings at this level of certification render higher performance and reflect management’s commitment to demonstrate excellence in their administration.

The Convention Centre is also in the process of obtaining LEED certification for an existing building, a first for a convention centre in Canada.


The Québec City Convention Centre is an exceptional meeting place in the heart of a charming city. It is renowned for its exceptional customer experience which was specifically recognized when the Convention Centre was named World’s Best Congress Centre in 2006 by the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC).

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