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The XXIII MPI Italia Chapter Convention, Salerno June 13-15

«Looking Forward – Meet the change in a Global World» the title, inspired to a really international concept, according to the Chapter mission. I twill be one of the most outstanding and meaningful events in the history of the Italian meeting industry

It is to stage in Salerno, at the Centro Congressi Internazionale Salerno Incontra, from Friday 13th through Sunday 15th June, the XXIII MPI Italia Chapter Convention. The title: Looking Forward – Meet the Change in a Global World; it won’t be a Convention open just to all professional categories (as the last Pisa edition was), but also an international one, involving for the first time international operators
and stakeholders.

Why Salerno?

Every year MPI Italia launches a tender bid to Italian destinations to host the annual edition of the Chapter Convention, open to members and non members belonging and not to the meeting industry. Salerno won the bid because it perfectly matches the
event’s concept criteria. In the typical stalemate of the Italian mindset, Salerno is a destination with a different view: dynamic, innovative – in a difficult context such as Italian South is. Salerno, an ancient and ever looking forward land, aimed to change. A city that is active in production and in culture, living a unique and specific industrial revolution (in many production segments: canning, textile, metallurgic, chemical, communications, IT, medical, food, packaging…). On this occasion, Salerno puts the whole destination at disposal, involving local companies, thanks to the Commerce Chamber which will welcome the gusts at the prestigious venue of Salerno Incontra: a shrine holding artistic treasures and telling the story of the last century of Salerno, a city with a rich past but also with an ultramodern and young heart, pulsating state of the art innovation. The attendees will stay at the Lloyd Baia Hotel at a stone-throw from Salerno Port.

The event’s concept

At the center of the Convention, is innovation as an exchange of best practices among destinations and professionals of national and international level. “To get out of this crisis, Italy has to flip its mindset and to have the courage of change. From here the title Looking forward, meet the change in a global word, accordingly to the new MPI global slogan that sounds: Meetings move us forward: When people get together, things get done. That’s what we really need, is to start making things together, to learn from the ones
who achieved the solutions before us, to create connections in an effective way”. Quoting the President of MPI Italia Chapter, Olimpia Ponno. «We don’t want to be rhetorical, we want to bear real life experiences, promoting exchanges, solutions, connections among national and international professionals, just like in a scientist’s workshop. With MPI Italia Board we are constantly committed in building networks between our Country and the International community, proof of that, the many Hosted Buyer Groups we are asked to organize all year round on international occasions.”

The main objectives of the Convention:
– Organize an international event attracting international professionals, specifically from EMEA area;
– Build international bridges waiting for EXPO 2015 and EUROPA 2020 (
– Promote the culture of innovation as “an innovative thinking, aimed to the change”, through the contamination of formats, languages, concepts, industries;
– To promote the development of career processes through networking and business occasions;
– To face the challenge of competitiveness through the cultural exchange among public, profit, no profit, successful partnership to find solutions and innovative results (the contamination theory that MPI Italia has had as its own strategy since the last year and which is giving meaningful results).
– To point out key elements necessary to companies to become international and to create global enterprises networks, thanks to models such as the MPI Culture Active Tool, web-based, which erases ethnical and cultural barriers, helping the user to understand and communicate with colleagues, suppliers, clients of different languages, habits and traditions.

New formats

As said, the event will have its headquarter at the Centro Congressi Salerno Incontra, but unlike the previous editions, the educational schedule will follow a dynamic pattern, staging different walking distance venues, to allow different format types, keeping in constant contact with the most representative landmarks of the destination, highlighting the unique selling points of the city. It will be a socio-cultural program which will show the call for innovation of Salerno, since its origins to our times, but that will allow the attendees to live the city as a meeting venue as well as a leisure destination. Attendees often regret not having had the chance to enjoy the destination at full because closed all day long in a Congress Centre. Contamination of places, but also of formats: in the course of the day, we will experience the international workshop with the hybrid event, together with the SpeedDate, to be followed by a Seminar and a Keynote, all accompanied by a varied selection of local food excellences, DOP and Igt products and to exalt Salerno as the capital of the
Mediterranean food. Not surprisingly, Ancel Kyes, the father of the Mediterranean diet, chose Salerno as inspiration.

We point out that the Annual Members Meeting this year will be anticipated from Saturday to Friday afternoon, before the official opening, to leave the guests the time to fully enjoy the educational day and to allow the Board Members to take part to the program together with the other guests.

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