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This year's top technologies for event planners

In past few years technology has pushed the meeting industry to a new horizon by providing numerous solutions to different industry related issues. This time we have selected few most impactful innovations of 2012 for meeting planners.

Events Webcasting: The event webcasting technology allows the event planners to organize hybrid events in which the planners sync virtual and direct interaction in a common platform. This technology is very useful as thousands people can view the webcast , while those who missed it can see a recorded version.

E-posters: Newtonstrand launched this software as an interactive online space which offers a collaborative platform for the event participants with knowledge-sharing and interactivity prior to the actual event date.

Groupware:  Groupware forms a complete solution with software and hardware in order to provide a stage where an event or meeting group can share information.  GroupVision in collaboration with SmartTech provide numerous groupware products and services to the event planners. Smart tech product such as interactive whiteboards, interactive displays, table interactive learning center, interactive response systems, document camera, classroom management software and many more sophisticated groupware products which are best suited for conducting group events like Training, Team Meting etc.  

Event Registration Tools: This tool helps attendees management for a particular event. With this tool an event planner can send customized event invitation, manage attendees’ database, generate intelligent reports to forecast the next event trends. RegOnline is an Active Network’s premium event registration tool, besides offering all above mentioned features it also provides improvement in event attendance and reduces manual processes.

Social Point: As the name suggests, this technology is more towards social media. This tool helps in spreading awareness in Facebook and share big ideas from your event with attendees friends. By using this platform, attendees can share their experiences by posting messages that communicate passion for your product along with personalized event photos.