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Top Stargazing destinations

When was the last time you saw a clear night sky? Can you recall your last shooting star? Most popular destinations don’t offer a clean and dark sky at night. We have arranged a list of destinations for stargazing activities.

With a growing population worldwide, traffic and pollution in all major metropolitan cities, a clear blue sky has become a memory. Smog and dust cover the beautiful views of dark skies with moon and stars. However, a few visiting spots still provide a beautiful sky with countless starts. Here are the top destinations which still offer stargazing opportunities.

With the highest sand dunes in the world, this country is world famous for its clean sky. Some of the visiting spots, like NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve, offer open-air lodging so that visitors can see the heavens from their beds whereas hotel guestrooms are equipped with a telescope to enjoy an unparalleled stargazing experience.

Chile is one of the driest places in the world. High altitude, few clouds, no radio interference and light pollution, Chile’s stark Atacama Desert has optimal conditions for stargazing. The geographical condition allows visitors and astronomers to view the Southern Hemisphere sky including the Tarantula Nebula and the Fornax Cluster of galaxies.

Yangtze River Valley, China
This part of the world has a great history of stargazing. One of the world’s earliest observatories was built in Beijing during the Ming Dynasty. The beautiful Yangtze River valley near this place offers a beautiful clear night sky. On July 2009, this place witnessed the total solar eclipse that casted its shadow over this river valley.

For a long time, Hawaii Island has been one of the most favorite spot for astronomers. The sky here is so clear and black that even the faintest of stars can be spotted. You can rediscover the stars in their full glory including the Milky Way, the rings of Jupiter, and the constellations of Ursa Major and Orion.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is one of the best places for stargazing activities. For visitors, December to July is an ideal period to explore galaxies and planets. They can enjoy magnificent views of a sky full of stars with dozens of thermal hot springs.


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