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    The Eiffel tower, symbol of Paris, is a must-see monument when visiting the capital. This famous metal tour has seduced and impressed all those who have seen it.

    The Eiffel Tower is located in the 7th arrondissement. At one side, it is bordered by the Seine and Branly quay, from the other side the Champs de Mars Park and the Iéna Bridge. The tower has 4 levels. It offers many attractions to spend an unforgettable moment. In the 1st floor, there are various shops. In the 2nd one, there are numerous gourmet restaurants proposing delicious meals and enabling the visitors to enjoy a beautiful view over Paris. The 3rd and 4th levels are dedicated to discover Paris landscape.

    In the surroundings, there are the Trocadero gardens and Varsovie fountain. They provide a nice show day & night. The visitors can also enjoy Champs de Mars, a large space expanding over 24,5 hectares.

    Tourists and business travelers can also discover the city of light rich heritage like museums (Louvre, Grévin…), the Champs Elysées, another symbol of Paris, the Triumph Arc, the Tuileries gardens and others.

  • Public transportation

    All the means of transport are available to facilitate visiting Paris.

    By bus, the lines 87 and 69 run through to the Champs de Mars station. The line 42 stops at the Tour Eiffel station. While the line 82 stops at the both stations.

    Concerning the RER, the tourists can reach the “Dame de Fer” thanks to the line C "Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel".

    There are two options for those who will take the metro. Line 6 offers the possibility to admire Paris landscape and stops at the “Bir-Hakeim” station, or the line 9 which stops at the “Trocadéro” station.

    Ecology lovers can rent a bike. A velib station is just nearby and it is available 24h all week long.

    The “batobus” is also an original way to get to the Eiffel Tower while enjoying the charming setting of the seine.

    Many car parks are available in the surroundings and Branly quay is at 300 meters.

  • A short history

    A universal exposition was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, during which, it was decided to launch a competition to build an ironic edifice in the heart of Paris. The aim was to demonstrate the technological evolutions made since the revolution. Among the 107 suggested ideas, Gustave Eiffel projects was selected, although, « Maurice Kœchlin & Émile Nouguier », two engineers working for Gustave Eiffel, were behind this huge project.

    Gustave Eiffel loved the idea of building an iron tower. He bought the patent and provided all the necessary means to realize the project. The construction lasted 2 years during which hundreds of engineers, drawers and workers collaborated to realize this legendary edifice.

    The “Dame de Fer” was the biggest technical prowess ever made in France and the world. Since then, it has become a symbol of France, receiving 5.5 million visitors each year from all over the world.

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